Passerina cyaneaAAP086CA

macho hembra (Acuarela)

The Indigo Bunting, Passerina cyanea, is a small seed-eating bird. It is migratory, ranging from southern Canada to northern Florida during the breeding season, and from southern Florida to northern South America during the winter. It often migrates by night, using the stars to navigate. Its habitat is farmland, brush areas, and open woodland. The Indigo Bunting is closely related to the Lazuli Bunting.

el realejo negro es un pájaro granivoro. Migra entre el sur de Canada al norte de Florida en la estación de apareamiento. Habita campos de cosecha, matorrales y bosquetes- Es afin al colorín aliblanco

Quintana, Texas Spring MigrationEditar

Quintana, Texas Female The Indigo Bunting is a small bird, with a length of 11.5–13 cm (4.5–5 in). The male is a vibrant blue in the summer and a brown color during the winter months, while the female is brown year-round. The male displays brightly colored plumage during the breeding season to attract a mate. Nest-building and incubation are done solely by the female. The diet of the Indigo Bunting consists of insects during the summer months and seeds during the winter months


cyamopsis cyanoides.